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Our firm is intentionally different. When you entrust someone with your accounting shouldn't you expect something in return besides a report here and there? We think so, and that's why we are committed to communicating with you throughout the year about the growth of your business and your tax situation.

As a full service firm, we look forward to serving all of your accounting and tax needs. We think you'll find our approach refreshing and very beneficial to your growth.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Death and Taxes - I wouldn't bet against these two guys. We check each year, and we discover that the certainty of taxes is, in fact, certain. Given that truth, we prepare individual, partnership and corporate tax returns for our clients, but our value add is in our tax planning function. We strongly believe that the key to tax efficiency is in tax planning, and we contact our clients throughout the year to provide this service.


We can relieve you of the boring number punching and handle any of your typical bookkeeping procedures, such as data entry, account reconciliations, bill pay, and compiling financial statements, just to name a few. But, we believe bookkeeping is about more than numbers - it's also about communicating what those numbers mean. Believe it or not, we enjoy bookkeeping, but what's even better is educating our customers on their financial condition and positioning them to make informed decisions.


We want to help - we have experience with businesses like yours and we want to help you implement what we've seen work. We'll evaluate and grow your revenue streams, plan for taxes that always follow profits, and manage your whole financial picture. Business consulting is why we get up in the morning and we can't wait to provide an energetic, creative, and thoughtful approach to maximize your bottom line.